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Sailing in Albania and Corfu

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ABOUT Sailing in Albania and Corfu :

A sailing boat is a perfect way for a family or group of friend to enjoy a blue cruise in Albania, Saranda or Corfu, or even different destinations.
We have different sailing boats for 4 persons, 6,8 and 10.

Our trips are mainly made around Corfu, in İonian Sea but also in all Greece- Croatia- Montenegro- Turkey.

We invite our visitors to consider a new destinations like Albania , Saranda, just 30 min by delphin ferry from Corfu. We offer trips from Vlora to Saranda, full of virgin unexplored bays, or also mixed with Greece (or just Albania, or just Greece).

Being the only company making yacht charters in Albania, we have no compettion and the bays are all for our guests, private,uncrowded and pure. Prices are negotiable.
Visit Albania now, while it’s still virgin!

Sailing in Albania and Corfu POLICIES :

Lot of options- contact us and negotiate ;)

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Sailing in Albania and Corfu

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