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BestDeal 26M 12 Pax

20% Discount

ABOUT BestDeal 26M 12 Pax :

Our gulet BestDeal has 6 double cabins, one is master, for 12 guest to stay comfortable, enjoying a space of 26m.

Has a dinning table, sunbeds for each, all private cabins with private toilete and shower, light system, music system, all faciilities and all needs provided for a best deal cruise package. İts price comes with great discounts at 2019, which will be uptaded in advance, so take profit from its very special occasion.

During the boat trip you can take watersport expeditions.

BestDeal 26M 12 Pax POLICIES :

DAYS PRİOR TO DEPARTURE / CANCELLATİON FEE Up to 90 days prior to departure - deposit only 60-89 days prior to departure - 50% of the total fee 30-59 days prior to departure - 75% of the total fee 0-29 days prior to departure - 100% of the total fee
Our trips are mainly made around Corfu, in İonian Sea but also in all Greece- Croatia- Montenegro- Turkey. We invite our visitors to consider a new destinations like Albania , Saranda, just 30 min by delphin ferry from Corfu. We offer trips from Vlora to Saranda, full of virgin unexplored bays, or also mixed with Greece (or just Albania, or just Greece). Being the only company making yacht charters in Albania, we have no compettion and the bays are all for our guests, private,uncrowded and pure. Prices are negotiable. Visit Albania now, while it's still virgin!

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BestDeal 26M 12 Pax

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