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The Easiest Way To Get More Bookings.

Charter Boat Booker does all the advertising to drive more traffic to your listings. We do the hard work of getting your listing seen by thousands of targeted visitors ready to book your boat and go fishing. We keep you booked so you can focus on running your boat and making sure each and everyone of your customers has an experience they will never forget!


The Lowest Fees In The Industry By Far.

Charter Boat Booker only charges a 10% booking fee on completed bookings and we have a fee cap of $2,500 dollars! Other sites charge 10% – 30% per booking with no cap on fees. A charter company taking $100,000 in bookings on our competitors site will pay between $10,000 and $30,000 in booking fees, that’s just crazy. At CharterBoatBooker.Com that same charter company would pay only $2,500 in booking fees, saving anywhere from $7,500 to $27,500 dollars!


Pay As You Go.

Charter Boat Booker only charges a 10% booking fee on completed bookings. At the end of each month you will be invoiced for 10% of the total amount for your completed bookings. We don’t expect to be paid until after you get paid. Simply pay your bill online and your listing will remain active, ready to receive more bookings! After you reach the $2,500 dollar fee cap you pay nothing more for the rest of the year.


You’re In Control Of Your Customers.

We don’t stand between you and your customers or get in the way of your business. All security deposits are sent directly to your accounts, you decide when a refund is warranted, not us. We’re just here to help you get more customers, not control them.


Charter Boat Booker Makes It Easy For You To List Your Charters.

It’s absolutely Free to list your charters and Charter Boat Booker is dedicated to making sure you’re fully booked!


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