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Captain’s FAQ

Captains Frequently Asked Questions

1. Our captains first step is to set up a listing for the boats he/she owns on our website. This can include general information regarding your boat, descriptions about tours, photographs, locations, availability, and prices. Listings are easy to create with step by step instructions for you.

2. Once your listing has been created, customers will easily be able to book your boat for the times you have allotted.

The customer will be able to view an easy to understand availability calendar, which will be managed by you, the captain, in order to see what days and times you are available. To manage the availability calendar, simply block off days and times which you are unavailable. All open days and times will then be accessible for customer to book.

3. When a customer is ready to book they may do so instantly on the website. When the customer confirms the booking, their credit card will be charged a 10% – 30% deposit. The deposit amount is set by each captain. This deposit guarantees the booking for the customer. The deposit is paid directly to the captains PayPal account. Charter Boat Booker does not get between you and your customers.

The remainder shall be paid by the customer to the captain in whatever way the captain has specified in their listing. This will be of the captains choosing. You may have the customer pay their balance upon arrival, departure, or prepay via email invoice using whichever payment processor you choose.

4. Confirmation emails will be sent to the customer as well as the captain containing general information regarding the upcoming excursion so that all parties involved are on the same page.

5. Successful bookers, those who have completed a trip on your boat and not cancelled, will then be asked to submit a review of the experience. These reviews will greatly increase or decrease your chances for gaining customers in the future.

Communication between captains and customers has never been easier.  Charter Boat Booker will send booking confirmation emails to both the captains and the customer containing all booking details and contact information, including, names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses.

At the end of each month you will be invoiced for all of your completed bookings during the month. Charter Boat Booker charges a flat fee of 10%. Cancelled bookings will not be charged a fee. You will have 14 days to pay your invoice in order to keep your account in good standing. Failure to pay may result in having your listing removed from the site making it ineligible to receive new bookings.

In the event that a cancellation occurs, the deposit will be returned subject to the captains cancellation policy.

*If the customer cancels a trip for any reason outside of the perimeter of the captain’s cancellation policy, the deposit will be returned to the captain.  The captains cancellation policy will be set by the captain during the initial listing process in an easy step by step instruction guide.

*If the captain cancels a trip for any reason outside the perimeters of their own cancellation policy, the deposit should be returned to the customer.

Once customers have used Charter Boat Booker to book their outing, pay their deposit and guarantee their trip they will still need to pay the remainder of their bill.

This method will need to be set by you, the captain, during initial listing set up and can be viewed by your customers in your listing details.

You may choose to have the customer pay upon arrival for the trip, upon departure, or prepay via email invoice prior to the trip or take care of the remaining balance after the excursion if you prefer.  You will use whichever processor and method of collection you desire.

This is completely handled by our individual captains and is not the responsibility of Charter Boat Booker.

Yes, definitely!! You may list as many boats as you like.

Our simple to follow instructions during initial boat listing set up, or anytime there after, will allow you to choose the option to add additional boats to the account. Creating subsequent listings will be a snap and allow you the opportunity to gain more customers!

At this time Charter Boat Booker does not offer featured listings. We may offer this feature in the future. Search results will display in accordance to the customers filtered search request. For example if the customer searches for a boat for a particular day, only boats with availability for that day will display.

For the most part captains, for now, will have very little control in regards to where they fall in the search results. However, if and when a customer chooses to do a search setting “reviews” as their parameter for display. Those captains with positive reviews will list higher in the results than those with lower scores.

Getting a good review means providing good all around service.  You are a charter boat captain. It is your job to provide the experience you describe in your listing for your customers to the best of your ability with ease, convenience and positive interaction.

From the beginning of the experience of booking to the end review time, Charter Boat Booker will do what we can to help you give your customers an experience they love.

Communicating exactly what to do and expect out of the excursion and being clear will help all parties to remain on the same page when it comes to expectations which will aid in getting you the review you want!  Be sure your listing gives all the details you can provide for the customer so they know exactly what they will and will not be experiencing on a fishing trip with you. Communication along with a friendly experience will lead to positive reviews for you!

First, login to your account and go to your user Dashboard. Next click on the “Add Charters” tab. Enter all the details and information about your charter and then click the SAVE button.

After your charter has been created click on the “Add Schedules” tab in your Dashboard. From here you can create an availability schedule for your charters. Once you SAVE your schedules your charters will be live and bookable on the website.

To cancel a booking simply login to your account and go to your account Dashboard. Next click on the “My Bookings” tab. Then, locate the booking you need to cancel and click on the “Edit” link. Scroll down to the “status” and from the drop down selector choose the cancelled option. Finally, scroll down to the bottom of the booking information and click on the “Update Booking” button to save your changes. The booking is now cancelled.

To reschedule a booking simply login to your account and go to your account Dashboard. Next click on the “My Bookings” tab. Then, locate the booking you need to reschedule and click on the “Edit” link. Scroll down to the “charter date” and place your cursor in the date box and click your mouse. A calendar will pop up for you to select a new date. Click on the day you would like to reschedule the booking for. Finally, scroll down to the bottom of the booking information and click on the “Update Booking” button to save your changes. The booking is now rescheduled.