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Angler’s FAQ

Anglers Frequently Asked Questions

While all of our captains are fully qualified, prepared, and excellent at what they do, each captain and boat is also unique.

In order to choose the best excursion for you, your family and friends it is a good idea to start by deciding what it is you are looking for. Are you interested in deep sea fishing or would you prefer to stay closer to shore? How long would you like the tour to last? How many guests will be joining you. Answering questions like these first will help you to begin narrowing down your choices.

Once you have narrowed the field you can begin to look closer at each captains details on their listing. Each captain may run his ship differently than the next. Questions such as: What can I expect from this captain and his boat? Or, What features am I looking for in the boat I choose? Or, What are this captains cancellation policies or safety policies?

After these more detailed questions have been answered to your liking it is our recommendation that you read the reviews and fishing reports for the captains and boats you are interested in. Past customers have left valuable information in regards to many of our captains that will make choosing the right excursion simple for you. Our captains have also summited many fishing reports. These reports will give you and your guests an inside look at what goes on during these trips and make the decision making process even easier for you.

Communication is also key. There may be questions that you have or special requests regarding your excursion. Our messaging system will allow you to talk directly to the captain so you feel completely comfortable with the captain, boat and tour you will be booking.

Using the tools and communication system Charter Boat Booker has provided will help you make the right decision based on your specific wants and needs that will ultimately lead to an unforgettable experience on the water! So begin your search now and get going on creating that special memory of a lifetime!

1. Once you have located the available excursion that best fits your needs you may proceed with the booking process.

2. Booking is safe, secure, quick and easily done with the convenience of our online booking system. Simply fill out the online form by entering your information and then proceed to the checkout.

3. During checkout you will pay a deposit to book your trip. This deposit will secure your reservation and will be applied to your total payment. The charter captain will collect the remainder of your payment.

4. That’s it! You have now made your reservation! Get ready to fish!

Communication between anglers and captains has never been easier.  Charter Boat Booker will send booking confirmation emails to both the captains and the customer containing all booking details and contact information, including, names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses.

Once you, the angler, has used Charter Book Booker to reserve your outing by paying the deposit, guaranteeing your trip reservation, you will still need to pay the remainder of the total bill.

This method of payment is set by our individual captains and is not the responsibility of Charter Boat Booker. This information will be visible on their specific listings. Some captains may take payment directly on Charter Boat Booker using Paypal. Other captains may require payment using another payment processor before the trip or upon completion of the trip. When you pay, and where you pay, is completely set by each individual captain so check their listing for this information.

In the event that a cancellation occurs , the deposit will be returned subject to the captains cancellation policy.

*If the angler cancels a trip for any reason outside of the perimeter of the captain’s cancellation policy, the deposit will be returned to the captain. The captain’s cancellation policy will be set by the individual captain and this information can be viewed in that captain’s specific listing.

*If the captain cancels a trip for any reason outside the perimeters of their own cancellation policy, the deposit will be returned to the customer/angler.